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Many of the stories I reported during my tenure at CNN may be viewed on the CNN web site.
And copies of some of my documentaries are still available in some video libraries, including: "Perfect People," stories of ethical challenges posed by genetic research; and "Rhythm and Blues," which delves into the growing understanding of the human body clock and seasonal affective disorder.

Among my favorite news and feature reports is an update on a group of doctors eight years after I profiled them as they endured the rigors of medical residency.I arrived in Oklahoma City on the day of the bombing, covering the medical aspects of the aftermath.One of the rewards of the health beat is to follow researchers as they glean life-saving lessons even out of tragedies.I have keenly tracked medical trailblazers as they seek rewards in our genetic code,as well as documenting investigators grappling with the limits and pitfalls of treatments.And then, of course, there are always days like those the nation went bonkers for news of The First Knee! I had to use my own anatomy for illustration until the knee model arrived. I'm glad I wore matching socks.

If you are interested, here's my old CNN bio.
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