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2008 ASHPE Award Winner
American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors: 
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2008 APEX Award Winner
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In "The Medical Science of House, M.D." I explained some basics of medicine and health care to television viewers. In my Oncology Times ScriptDoctor columns I try to explain the media to physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.The column debuted in the Dec. 10, 2006 issue. Read the first column.
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June 25, 2009 TV's Public Service Announcements 
March 25, 2009 The State of Health Journalism 
November 10, 2008 "Unnatural Causes" - PBS series takes a different look at health and disease
October 25, 2008 You've Been "Segmented" -
A Peek into the Ways Drug Companies Analyze Consumers
September 25, 2008 Evidence-Based Television Experiment demonstrates power of TV dramas
July 10, 2008
Dateline Nigeria (Part 4) The meaning of "Health"
May 25, 2008 Dateline Nigeria (Part 3) Cutting through barriers of language and culture
May 10, 2008 Dateline Nigeria (Part 2) Entertainment for health education
April 25, 2008 Dateline Nigeria Health Journalism
Feb. 25, 2008 Sentinel for Health award winners... No Poster Children Here
Jan. 25, 2008
Medicine in a Musical

Dec. 10, 2007
Reality TV pt. 3 - Shaq's Big Challenge
Nov. 25, 2007
Reality TV pt. 2 - How Real is (Health) Reality TV?
Nov. 10, 2007
Reality TV pt. 1 - Get Real
Oct. 25, 2007
Hollywood Meets the Press
Sep. 25, 2007
National Survey Shows Michael Moore's Sicko Did Indeed Provoke Discussions about US Health Care System
Sep. 10, 2007
I Want My Med TV
Aug. 10, 2007
SCRIPTDOCTOR: MEDICINE IN THE MEDIA: The Real 'Seattle Grace' Hospital, The True Stories of Surgery Residency
July 25, 2007
A Case Report of Media Reporting: The Controversy about CT Screening for Lung Cancer
July 10, 2007
Will SiCKO Reframe the Health Care Reform Debate?
June 25, 2007
Why & How Ezekiel Emanuel Came to Write His 'What Cannot Be Said on Television about Health Care' Commentary for JAMA
June 10, 2007
20 Years on the Health and Medical Beat
May 25, 2007
Quick Comment on House about Duke Vaccine Trial Provokes Public Response Bigger than CBS Evening News' Mention
May 10, 2007
The Lost Opportunities of the Pioneering Show The Nurses
April 25, 2007
Nurses: MIA on TV
April 10, 2007
Media Portrayals of Nurses (Part 1 of a 3-Part Series)
March 25, 2007
Close to Home: NCI's 'Showbiz Outreach' for Community-Based Research & Treatment
March 10, 2007
It's Only Television
Feb. 25, 2007
How an ER Storyline Helped Pass the Patient Navigator Act
Feb. 10, 2007
A Hollywood House Call
Jan. 25, 2007
Fact-checking Fiction
Jan. 10, 2007
"Accuracy, Shmaccuracy"

Dec. 25, 2006
"And the Winners Are...!"
Dec. 10, 2006
Educational TV: Lessons from Primetime Storytelling

Other Articles:

July 25, 2007
THE ONCOLOGY TIMES INTERVIEW: Brian Druker, Now Director of a Cancer Institute, on His Bold Plan to Make Oregon's Cancer Mortality Rate the Lowest in the Nation

October 25, 2006
What the TV Show 'House' Has to Teach about the Importance of Medicine as a Team Effort

June 10, 2004
CDC Reorganizing, Office on Smoking and Health Saved: 'Futures Initiative'

April 10, 2004
AAAS Annual Meeting: Cancer-Related Highlights

November 10 & 25, 2003
Whole-Body CT Screening: Scanning or Scamming?
Sidebar: Regulatory Ins & Outs of Self-Referral for CT Scans

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