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The Medical Science of House, MD
Separating fact from fiction in the hit medical drama
How do doctors in the real world diagnose puzzling ailments? What are the nuggets of truth and the whoppers of fiction in House? This book uses examples from early seasons of the hit show to explore medical diagnosis and treatment decisions.

House, MD vs. Reality
The follow-up that investigates recent seasons and new issues
In the beginning the battle between House and the mystery disease took center stage. Over the seasons, the spotlight has shifted to the characters and their lives. This new book (2011) not only picks apart some strange cases, but examines the lives of doctors in a hospital. Learn about how battles with administrators, struggles to balance work and life, and other issues affect real doctors. Also, health care involves more than just medicine. For example, what would House think of health care reform?

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Real Lives of Surgical Residents
Spend some time with residents learning to become surgeons in the real world.
Follow them on the hospital floor and into the OR... from the first cut to the Chief Resident year... as they master scalpels, sutures as well as the larger challenges of treating the patients and figuring out the hospital and the health care system.

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