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House, M.D. vs. Reality
Fact and Fiction in the Hit Television Series
The follow-up to "The Medical Science of House, M.D." tackles topics and issues from recent seasons of the hit medical drama starring Hugh Laurie.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Why We Need More House                           1

1. It’s Just a Show                                                             3

2. A Few Zebras from the Herd                                    14
          • Locked In:
          • A Can of Worms
          • Death Cats
               ...and more

3. Professional Opinions                                              27
          What Do Doctors Think?:
          • House 101
          • Rights and Wrongs

• The Hospital Is a Mean World
• Lighten Up

4. Show Within a Show                                                50

5. House and Health Care Reform                            56
          Dramatic Reform
• Showdown
• What’s All This Gonna Cost?
               [listen to the NPR interview]

6. To Test or Not to Test                                               80
          • 13's Dilemma

7. Who’s the Boss?                                                       98
          Help Wanted
• Firing Line
• I Want My Toys

8. Doc, You Don’t Look So Good                            117
          Kicking the Habit
• Work-Life Balance
• Suicide

9. Miracle Stuff                                                             178
          • Organ Transplant Myths & Facts

10. When Miracles Run Dry                                      196
          • Even House Can't Fix Everyone

11. Mistakes and Punishment                                 208
Oh, No
          • Discipline
Additional Reading                                                    229
        References, Links and other Evidence

Table of Contents
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