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Here are a few of the commentaries I've done for public radio programs.

Tobacco-related radio commentaries

"Tobacco's Future"
OPB radio, 2/1/01

Class action is the "scientific" method
OPB radio, 6/29/00

Other topics

Oregon Public Broadcasting
OPB radio audio
A SiCKO Perspective, 7/9/07
     A critique of Michael Moore's health care movie
Ugly Alzheimer's, 6/10/04
     What the Reagans showed - and hid - about the disease that claimed the former President
Effects & Cause, 9/7/01
     Getting the statistics backward
Speed Devil, 7/5/01
     Life in the slow lane
Marketplace Radio   Marketplace Radio scripts
  What a volcano has to do with career choices
  If cars were sold like health care coverage!

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