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So do anti-tobacco programs work ?

Tobacco-related radio commentaries

"Tobacco's Future"
OPB radio, 2/1/01

Class action is the "scientific" method
OPB radio, 6/29/00

"George Harrison: Cigarette Victim" OPB radio, 12/5/01
"Self Service Tobacco"

InTouch magazine
, November 2000

Get tobacco out of the reach of children
OPB radio, 3/1/00 

  • My Masters program thesis project involved studying the reactions of middle school students to anti-smoking television ads. Some of the ads were created by public agencies or foundations, while others were produced by the Philip Morris tobacco company. The students did not know who produced each ad. The key significant finding of the small study was that students viewing Philip Morris ads were more likely to perceive a message of individual responsibility. In other words, industry ads were seen as saying that kids who start smoking have themselves to blame.

Consider The Source:

Youth Perceptions Of Industry Vs. Tobacco Control Groups Antismoking Television Ads

  • The research on Florida and California's anti-tobacco efforts also led to an article that appeared on the cover of the August/September 1999 issue of InTouch magazine titled Can We Stop Teen Smoking?
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Tobacco control is much more than just lecturing individuals.

For a perspective on the social, economic and cultural aspects of tobacco use, read:

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