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The Medical Science of House, M.D.
What is fact and what is fantasy in the gripping episodes of the hit Fox TV show?

My book investigates the bizarre cases assigned to brilliant, but flawed, diagnostic whiz Gregory House, M.D. Are the cases credible? And what of the arrogant, though talented, character played by talented (but hardly arrogant) British actor Hugh Laurie? How would Dr. House fare in the real world of medical? Would he be a hero or an outcast? Would patients love him or hate him?

Get the inside scoop on the mix of reality and drama... and some surprising insights to what this show reveals about modern medicine.

For General Audiences
As an Emmy-winning medical correspondent for CNN, now independently covering health and medicine, I have documented the explosive growth in medical knowledge. I can help translate the barrage of research findings into clear and useful messages for your meeting participants.
Sample topics for general audiences>>
For Health Professionals
With two decades experience reporting on health and medical, as well as a master degree in Health Education, I have a unique perspective on the challenges of communicating health information to the public.
Sample topics for health professionals>>
For News Organizations
I've spent decades in the trenches as a working journalist. I know the challenges you face. I can help you do a better job making sense of the health beat... and making compelling stories out of complex issues.
Sample topics for news organizations>>

"Andrew is among the most talented and experienced television medical reporters in the country."
- Robert Davis, PhD, former Executive Producer,  PBS "HealthWeek"

Sample topics for general audiences

Below are some of the topics I can speak on. Browse through the stories I have reported for CNN, PBS, WebMD/Sapient Health Network, and others for more subjects.

-Tobacco Control

Can we prevent youth from starting to smoke or chew tobacco? Can we help smokers quit? My research (supported by a fellowship grant from the Kaiser Family Foundation ) suggests well-executed campaigns to counter tobacco use can work. The problem is that these campaigns are often sabotaged politically. What works, what doesn't, and why? The answers are found in a story that involved hundreds of thousands of lives, hundreds of billions of dollars, and the fates of an industry and future generations.

-Genetic Crystal Balls

Do you want to know how and when you may die? Genetic discoveries already offer that ultimate knowledge to some people; and the number of genetic tests is multiplying at a fantastic rate. Even if you don’t want to know what your genome foretells, can you prevent your insurance company or your boss from testing you? Genetic answers are coming, learn how to handle the questions.

-The Alzheimer's Tidal Wave

Your brain may be dying. Experts say if you live long enough, you will develop Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias. But as they make this dire predictions, useful treatments and preventive measures hover just over the horizon. Could common pain pills or vitamins stave off the "thief of memories?" Find out what's ahead, and what to do now about the threat of Alzheimer's to you and your family.

-Mammograms, PSA’s, and Cholesterol, Oh, My!

Expert #1 says: 
Expert #2 says:
"All women should get annual mammograms starting at age 40." 
"There's no clear evidence that annual mammograms before age 50 actually save lives."
"PSA tests can save men from deadly prostate cancers." 
"Routine PSA screening tests may subject many men to unnecessary surgery that leaves most impotent."
"If every adult got regular cholesterol tests, many lives could be saved." 
"Cholesterol testing of healthy young adults is worthless and may be harmful."
Confused? No wonder. Find out why top medical experts often disagree. Learn how to find out what's best for you; following the popular advice may not be the healthiest course!

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Sample topics for health professionals

Topics Selected Groups
  • Health communication: role of the news media.
  • Public health crisis communication.
  • Talking to patients about Evidence Based Medicine.
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Public Health Leadership Society
HHS Office of the Inspector General OEI National Training Conference
Northern California Kaiser Permanente Nursing Research
Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio: Summer Inst. on Evidence-Based Practice
Michigan Public Health Media Summit

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Sample topics for news organizations and other journalism groups

Topics Selected Groups
  • Basics of Health Policy: Great Stories from Complex Issues
  • Evidence Based Medicine: Why it Matters
  • Health vs. Medicine: What's the Difference?
Association of Health Care Journalists
National Association of Hispanic Journalists
Health Policy Training for Hispanic Journalists
California Health Journalism Fellowship Program

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